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We offer customised vacation packages for Solo, Group and Couple travellers across Europe, South East Asia, Dubai and Mauritius

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Brewing Custom Tours With Love

Planning and implementing an interesting and fulfilling trip is much like brewing a fine drink. Every step requires patience and careful attention, if the process is not followed well, the end result can often be quite underwhelming, leaving a bitter after taste.

At The Travel Brewery, we put great stress on various stages of trip planning, from conceptualizing to choosing the best possible itinerary and finally to the execution. The effort is to offer something unique where in you get to explore the beautiful European sights just like a local.

No more boring schedules and fixed itineraries, we offer you affordable international vacation packages that give you unlimited freedom.


Image of a snorkel, Explore the hidden gems of the city with guided tours and suggestions by travel brewery


Image of Hot Air ballon, Experience the city like a local


Enjoy the evenings with new friends you make on the tour


What's Included in your itinerary


We find the best places to stay at central locations with great facilities


We take care of your inter city and intra city travel, making it easier for you to explore each city


Enjoy an in depth walking tour during the day,
go for amazing pub crawls at night !!!

Trip Assistance

Ask us anything - before, during and after the trip.
Our in house expert will travel along you on our backpacking trips.

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